Walking slowly is still no crime: Case closed

(original German version by Ingrid Brodnig for Falter)

The police charged them both, because they were walking slowly. On April 30th 2011 Raphael Wegmann and his sister-in-law marched  at a snail’s pace in front of the US Embassy up and down (as reported by Falter). A strange look for outsiders: In slow motion they sat one foot in front of the other. Wegmann did this to  protest against the incarceration of alleged Wikileaks informant Bradley Manning. His T-shirt read: „Free Bradley Manning“. The Viennese is convinced, that the US military court will deny the soldier a fair trial.

A trial was threatening Wegmann and his sister-in-law too. The police called it „very ruthless behaviour“. Both of them “unsettled proper order unjustifiably” because they „stayed resp. moved slinkingly for some minutes in front of the American Embassy“.

Now the police closed the case. Therefore walking slowly is still permitted. Wegmann is happy and announced another sneak-action (actually Kinhin (rap)): „When Bradley Manning is still incarcerated on April 30th 2012, I will repeat my protest in front of the U.S. Embassy.“

(translation by Raphael)


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