I got suspended from digg

Does reality really have a liberal bias? I don’t know, but I can show you, what methods are used to prevent this bias to surface. This image had been my last submission to digg, before they removed my account without any comment and deleted all my submissions to this site. Here you go:

This is just a screen-shot of this page and the question „Why?“ painted on top of it. Is it because they feel it is bad publicity for them, or because it exposes major manipulation on their part? You can judge yourself, whether this video deserves to be suppressed.

Here are some screen-shots from comments I (digg username raphae1) made before they erased those pages. If you can find further traces of my previous existence or experienced something similar, please comment.

Where is the 1st amendment, when your opinion can get erased virtually in a second? Why is it, that we rarely can see something like this on TV?

screenshot of Rally4Sanity livestream

screenshot of Rally4Sanity livestream

Where did the American dream got lost? Where is your sanity? How can you ignore, that your former president ordered torture? How can you have an almost complete media blackout on the largest intelligence leak in history of war? We have to stop this once and for all. And together we can do it!

WordPress, please don’t suspend this blog too.


Thank you Ruckus42 for testing the integrity of Digg. If you still have a digg account, please digg his diggs.


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