Decapitation as an Act of Revenge

Here is another shocking military report. This one is not related to the policeman killed, but allows another glimpse into the cruelty of war. A US SWAT commander decapitated a prisoner because of „personal grievances“.

Tracking Number: 20090526000038SKC

  • WHO: Major (%%% SWAT Commander)
  • WHAT: Allegedly transferred a Haditha SWAT prisoner to facilitate %%%. (MNC- )
  • WHERE: %%%, Hadithah district Iraqi Police station
  • WHEN: 26 May 2009
  • WHY: Major (%%% Commander) had personal grievances with the prisoner.
  • Detailed description of event: Mn 25 May 09, Major %%% (SWAT commander) and Col (%%%) told %%% leadership that they were going to deliver two detainees to %%% in the North because there was more incriminating evidence on the two detainees in %%% than in Hadithah. While %%% north, Maj %%% his convoy to pull over and transfer the two detainees to his uncle and four brothers. According to Col, %%% Iraqi Police found one of the detainees decapitated and the other was released by Maj %%% members. Maj %%% currently in Iraqi Police custody.

    Over a year ago Maj %%% relieved as Hadithah SWAT commander due to his alleged involvement in the raping of a female local national. The beheaded detainee is reported to be the brother of the raped female who allegedly killed Maj %%% in retaliation for the raping of his %%%.


Eine Antwort to “Decapitation as an Act of Revenge”

  1. Sidhe Says:

    I have linked to this post in my own blog. It’s good to see people making use of the logs. 🙂

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