Is there another War Log Entry for the same murder?

Today I wanted to add my personal opinion to yesterdays blog article, when I could not find the report with tracking number 20090620123538SME on the online query interface of wikileaks. Yesterday I analyzed a CSV file called „iraq-war-diary-redacted.csv“, which I downloaded from the Pirate Bay (seems to be down right now).

Here is the Magnet Link

On the other hand the wikileaks online query interface revealed the following report, which I could not („grep“ does not work with multiline entries) find in the downloaded 355MB file (M5SUM 797f4dc26fd6e4792e33b33701c9246c) as well:

Wikileaks Screenshot

Tracking Number: 20090619230838SME
(Criminal Event) Murder Report ___
(UNILATERAL) : ___ Civilian Killed in Action
2009-06-19 17:08:00

Initial Report:


WHAT: Murder – Unconfirmed

WHERE: ___, Kirkuk City

WHEN: 192308JUN09

HOW: ___ IP report while patrolling the came across ___ x Local National who had been murdered in his car. ___ and ___ IP are investigating the incident.

UPDATE: (-): ___ IP report the Local National was killed with a wound to the ___ inflicted by a sharp object. He has been moved to the ___ morgue.

Battle Damage Assessment:
___ X Local National Killed in Action

S2 ASSESSMENT: At this time the murder is assessed as being a personally motivated crime that ‚ ___ related.


Street in Kirkuk close to the report location

Two issues here.

  1. Who is the guy, who got stabbed in his car? Who stabbed him and why?
  2. Are there different versions of the Iraq War Logs out in the open? Why?


Finally I could find the first report, though I warn you about the date range interval. If you enter „Between 2009-06-19 and 2009-06-20“, you won’t get reports dated 2009-06-20. Be aware!


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