A 3rd report for the same policeman murder?

This one is very short:

Tracking Number: 20090620230038SME

2009-06-20 17:00:00

A terrorist group killed the policeman ___, a member of ___ battalion ___, inside his vehicle yellow ___

I don’t know, where this leads me to, and maybe it is a stupid enterprise to try to „investigate“ a crime from thousands miles away, but I believe that every human life is sacred. Maybe this policeman had parents, a wife and children in Kirkuk. Who can say, that his life matters less, because more than a hundred thousand people lost their lives in Iraq in the last seven years?

Mountains of Kurdistan 20 miles north of Kirkuk, close to where this report is located.

What do you make out of those three reports? There is just not enough information to make a conclusion. We don’t even know, whether all reports refer to the same policeman, who was stabbed in his car in Kirkuk that day. If they do, than the first report does not combine with the other two.

Google Earth screenshot, mountain roads in Kurdistan
Google Earth screenshot of location embedded in the 3rd report. In the background you can see „Kuhe Haji Ebrahim“ (100 miles away).

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