What happened on June 20, 2009 in Kirkuk, Iraq?

A US soldier stands guard during a patrol in Mosul.

A US soldier stands guard during a patrol in Mosul.

The Iraq War diary released today has 78 entries for that day.

I will focus on two events in Kirkuk:

  1. There is this Reuters report:

    „Attackers stabbed to death a policeman in central Kirkuk late on Friday, police said.“

    One of the nearly 400.000 Iraq War Diary entries goes like this:

    „Tracking number: 20090620123538SME
    2009-06-20 12:35:00 (Criminal Event) Murder Report
    Kirkuk Operation Summary: International Security Force Killed in Action

    Unknown armed individual killed, stabbing him while in his vehicle in the %%% area near the %%% bridge. Full ammo clips were found inside the vehicle.“

    Actually the name of the area and the bridge is redacted, but this Iraq Body Count entry seems to fill that gap:

    „Policeman stabbed to death near Azadi bridge, Kirkuk“

  2. On the same day there is another Reuters article on a suicide truck bomb, which killed at least 25 people near a Shi’ite Muslim mosque close to Kirkuk:
    Bomb attack in Kirkuk

    About 150 people were also wounded by the explosion, which a police source said had flattened some 25 homes in the area. Women and children were among the dead.

    There was chaos at Kirkuk’s main Azadi Hospital, where ambulance sirens wailed as workers rushed blood-splattered civilians, including several children, into the wards.

    Two days later this Reuters report from Mosul titled „Iraqis happy at US pull out“ updates the death count:

    „On Saturday, a suicide truck bomb killed more than 70 people outside a mosque near the northern city of Kirkuk.“


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